Dynamics CRM / XRM Integration with GIS and PowerMap

Over the last several years, a new dimension has been added to reporting in Dynamics CRM: visualization. PowerObjects has taken visualization a step further by introducing maps into XRM solutions.

11 Dynamics CRM Data Migration Tips

Data migrations can be complex. Whether you are migrating from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM or from another contact management solution, you will come across challenges with data. This blog

Avaya Phone Integration: Dynamics CRM 2011 and Avaya one-X Agent

PowerObjects built a simple, cost-effective integration between Dynamics CRM 2011 and an Avaya phone system, utilizing the built-in screen pop feature within the Avaya one-X Agent, a middle-tier “listener” application,

Impersonating a Dynamics CRM User in Silverlight

Impersonating a Dynamics CRM user is fairly straightforward in server-side code and using SDK. We have covered it before in the blog post How to Impersonate in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Populate a CRM 2011 Lookup or PartyList Field Using JavaScript

There are many benefits to using JavaScript with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, including achieving on screen automation. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to use JavaScript on the field type

Creating Unique Behavior on Role-Based Forms in Dynamics CRM 2011

There are a lot of benefits to working with role-based forms in Dynamics CRM, as listed in our blog on pros and cons of role-based forms. But one challenge comes

WPF Paging Control for WPF Applications

When displaying large amounts of data in a custom application built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it can be beneficial to use paging to improve user experience and the speed of

Passing Parameters Between Forms in CRM 2011

Did you ever wish you could scoot some data from one form to another and then immediately start working on the new record? If so, then maybe passing parameters from

Turning On CRM 4-style JavaScript for the Polaris Update / UR 12

The Polaris / UR 12 updates have brought some changes to Dynamics CRM 2011, many of which you have to turn on. We’ve covered a lot of this in our

Meeting Advanced Query Requirements from a CRM Record

Sometimes the out-of-the-box lookup field in CRM 2011 does not have the advanced query capability that a user needs to find a record. The query may go beyond a basic

Filter Your CRM 2011 System Views Dynamically

Is your view list overflowing? Is it difficult to find the views that are meaningful for you? Do you wish you could filter your CRM 2011 system views dynamically? First

Dynamics CRM Portal Authentication Methods

At PowerObjects, we create many portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including customer service portals, distributor portals, partner portals, and more. A portal is a custom application that allows external users