How PowerHashTag Can Keep You Organized While Providing Details on Contacts and Leads

Learn how PowerHashTag can help you keep CRM data clean and provide a way to store information in an organized, searchable fashion.

PowerSurveyPlus and Excel Templates: A Match Made in Reporting Heaven

Customer engagement. It’s a simple pairing of words that can mean so much to so many organizations, both large and small. When it comes to 1:1 engagement and gaining real

Introducing PowerChat, a PowerPack Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the PowerPack Add-on family, PowerChat! If you haven’t heard, we have released a brand new PowerPack Add-on to change the way

The Masters
The CRM Minute: Tee Up Some Fun with PowerPack Add-ons [VIDEO]

Welcome to The Masters Golf Tournament! Not really, just another day of dominating the world of Dynamics 365. However, in today’s episode of The CRM Minute, hear from Kyle about how

PowerMailChimp vs PowerEmail
PowerEmail vs. PowerMailChimp the Ultimate Showdown

You may have noticed that we offer two PowerPack marketing add-ons focused around email communication. In this blog, we will compare our Add-ons PowerEmail and PowerMailChimp and discuss the benefits

Uninstalling a Managed Solution in Dynamics 365
3 Things you need to Know before Uninstalling a Managed Solution in Dynamics 365

Ever wondered how to remove a managed solution from a CRM environment and what the best practices are when doing so? In this blog, we will review the top three things

Double Opt-In with PowerWebForm
Double Opt-In With PowerWebForm

The latest version of PowerWebForm has been enhanced to include a double opt-in option for web form entries. This blog will walk you through what double opt-in means, the benefits

Score a Hole in One with Dynamics 365 and our PowerPack Add-Ons!

What do you get when you combine your love for golf with your passion for Dynamics 365? A cool way to automate your Masters 2017 Tournament Bracket and impress all

How to Update a PowerPack Add-on
How to Update a PowerPack Add-on

PowerPack add-ons are a great way to add functionality to your Dynamics 365 system. All of the add-ons are constantly being enhanced with awesome new features, so it’s always a

PowerMap has been enhanced
PowerMap has been Enhanced with a New Radius and Bulk Action Tool

PowerMap subscribers rejoice! The solution has been enhanced to include a brand new tool to make it even easier for users to manage and communicate with records in CRM based

why you should be using PowerGlobalSearch
6 Reasons YOU Should be Using PowerGlobalSearch

PowerGlobalSearch is one of our most popular PowerPack CRM Add-Ons for Dynamics 365. Individuals who are not familiar with the robust functionality that PowerGlobalSearch has to offer, often ask the

Solution Spotlight: HealthEast
Solution Spotlight: HealthEast Streamlines Processes With PowerSuccess [VIDEO]

This edition of the Solution Spotlight features PowerSuccess customer, HealthEast. Drew Weaver, HealthEast’s PowerSuccess Engineer, discusses how he helped HealthEast streamline their grant approval process with PowerWebForm. See how he