Business process analysis and value stream mapping are core competencies and set of tools that facilitate the journey from current-state to future-state. Use of these tools is often part of the journey in enabling improved business performance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the first steps of this initiative is to detail the current state […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 new release ‘Vega’ has come up with a new conditional operators in Advanced Find.  The new conditional operators are called ‘Under’ and ‘Not-Under’ respectively.  These in some cases interact with new hierarchical security model in CRM 2015, and in other cases work with the hierarchy of accounts, and hierarchy of products […]

We have already seen how useful Action in Dynamics CRM can be. In this blog we will discuss what to do when you receive a message “The Import of Solution Actions Failed” when a plugin is registered for Action. Background Before getting to the solution, let’s discuss the scenario where you might encounter this error. […]

Rollup fields are a great new feature of CRM 2015, allowing for aggregation of data from many child records to an eventual Parent record, which can be incredibly useful in many business scenarios In our scenario, our client Joe’s CRM Shop would like to see the Actual Revenue of all closed Opportunities this year, for […]

The bright lights of PowerUp – the CRM event of the year, have died down. The attendees have gone back to their respective jobs. The booth safely tucked and ready to travel to its next Dynamics CRM destination. For those who didn’t attend you may be asking yourself, what is PowerUp? PowerObjects’ two fast-paced days […]

If you’ve ever imported a solution before, the worst is when it doesn’t import properly. Normally, CRM would give you a nice error within the error log regarding what went wrong. Usually there are easy fixes for the issues, such as missing or invalid dependencies or invalid plugin/plugin steps, but, panic ensues when there is […]

An exciting feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online is the Performance Center. In the Performance Center, you can measure load analytics of a particular form or view. To utilize the Performance Center first log in to CRM. Once logged in, press Ctrl+Shift+Q on any form or view to utilize the Performance Center. Once you […]

With the coming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 a new addition has been made to the security model to provide hierarchical visibility based on the manager field in the user record. This new change will make it possible for managers to see records for the people under them. This will let a direct manager of a […]

  • 1 October 2014
  • CRM 101
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When it comes to importing and updating records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are two distinct functions: importing records using the import wizard and updating existing records by exporting to Excel. But what if you have a list of records that are not exported from CRM, and you want them to update CRM data? In […]

There are many great new features and some major changes that come with the Dynamics CRM 2015 release. A big enhancement to SLA has many Dynamics users very excited! While the standard SLA functionality is still available, here is a list of the enhancements that are being released: While the standard SLA functionality is still available, here is […]

There are many new and exciting features for Dynamics CRM 2015. One of these new features is better searching capabilities. For CRM 2015, search will be available in the top navigation bar, configurable and customizable, and have a new and improved look and feel for search results. To use the search box in the top […]

CRM 2015 is fast approaching, and PowerObjects is as excited as you are! With this new version of Dynamics CRM come more enhancements to the mobile client including offline data entering capabilities. Some Dynamics CRM MoCA client users will want to enter information while they’re on the road. While there aren’t many places nowadays where […]

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