The Spring Wave for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has finally arrived! We have been spending a lot of time with the new features here at PowerObjects. In fact, we have a page dedicated specifically to updates and education surrounding the Wave. We will be discussing many of the new features in depth over the next few […]

There is a lot of great, highly detailed documentation available for all of the PowerPack add-ons, like PowerMailChimp. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be ready to send a PowerMailChimp email blast. With these step by step instructions, you’ll be creating a static marketing list for an existing campaign, populating the marketing list using Advanced Find, […]

PowerUp is a 2-day CRM educational extravaganza and the CRM event of the year! You may be familiar with our previous PowerConnect events, but PowerUp takes that CRM education conference to the next level. The conference will take place from September 24-25, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN. For those looking for an […]

Have you been using the exciting new Access Team feature in CRM 2013? Here are some quick steps to create a view to display records where you are a member of the Access Team, making your use of them even better! The example used for this blog, is on Account records. First you will have […]

Are you using Scribe Insight to migrate Notes (annotations) and their associated attachments, but noticing the attachments are getting corrupted in the process? If so, then you may have just found the answer you’ve been looking for. Here are a couple of the errors that we’ve noticed depending upon other file type: “Windows Photo Viewer […]

If you’re looking to grab web leads from your website and feed them straight back into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, look no further! PowerWebForm is a wonderful add-on that allows users to build their forms in CRM, post those web forms on their website, and the form submissions feed straight back into CRM! Users can […]

One of the top 10 new features of Dynamics CRM 2013 is the flat user interface. This allows you to click on a link and then the record opens in the same window. If you haven’t upgraded yet though, you might not prefer that the records each pop open in their own window when you […]

The use of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for migrating and integrating data to Dynamics CRM allows for a level of adaptability and versatility that is unmatched in the right hands. Additionally, the customizability and versatility of SSIS allows for performance tweaking and enhancements to maximize data throughput. One of the most significant methods of […]

CRM Online organizations are beginning to receive updates in the the form of the Spring ’14 Wave: code name ‘Leo’. In order to take advantage of the awesome new service features you will need to install the updates from the Administration area. How do I know if I’ve received the update? Check your personal settings […]

These days it seems like the new Ps of Marketing are Platforms, Point Solutions and Puzzling. But as new technologies emerge and evolve, best practices in real-world applications have prevailed. Get a framework for navigating what’s new from Microsoft and how it fits into the complex marketing technology landscape, as well as tips on how […]

Dynamics CRM is all about automation, right? Well, here’s one more small piece that you can automate to make your day-to-day life easier! If you use Dynamics CRM to keep track of cases, you may also want to know if the client was satisfied after their case has been resolved. Well, did you know that […]

  • 22 May 2014
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One of the great features of Dynamics CRM 2013 is the inclusion of Bing Maps on the account, contact, and lead entities. Plug in the respective address, save the record, and the plot point gets mapped automatically in the embedded map. How great would it be, then, to add Bing Maps to other entities? Out-of-the-box […]

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