Activity Parties in Dynamics CRM are one of the most complex entities to work with regarding data migration. If you don’t know, activity parties are the entities that contain the relevant data for the party list fields on Emails, Appointments, etc. (Check out some additional information about this entity, which have been around for quite […]

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a new version of DirSync. For those of you don’t know, Dirsync is a tool that enables you to easily sync your Active Directory users and changes to Azure Active Directory. The biggest change that we saw in this new version is password synchronization. With the newest version of […]

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook client is a powerful add-in to Outlook that allows you to synchronize your contacts and activities. Just like any powerful tool, you may need to take steps toward maintaining the Outlook client add-in from time to time. Similar to how your web browser stores temporary files in a cache or […]

SharePoint Online 2013 is part of upgrade to the new Microsoft Portal Online for Office 365 and is part of the Enterprise and Midsized Business plans. With SharePoint Online 2013, you can organize and share team documents, create online knowledge bases and collaborate with your colleagues. SharePoint Online supports the CRM List Component, which allows […]

Have you heard of PowerObjects’ Power8CRM app? This incredibly powerful, free app surfaces CRM information in a Windows 8 platform. If you’d like to learn your way through the Power8CRM app, join us for an informational webinar on Thursday, June 27th, at 10 a.m. CST. Dean Jones, Power8CRM guru and CEO of PowerObjects, will walk […]

Goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are used to set revenue and count targets and to compare progress towards these targets. The multi-currency functionality for goals is Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an important feature that is used by many multinational companies to track currency values in multiple currencies. In today’s blog, we’ll focus on using multi-currency […]

What are the ingredients for CRM success and how can you ensure all these ingredients are present? Join PowerObjects for a 2-Day CRM User Adoption Workshop and learn how you can drive user adoption and increase your success with Dynamics CRM. This workshop will be led by Gretchen Opferkew, Director of Education at PowerObjects, and […]

Have you ever wondered if your opportunities in Dynamics CRM are slipping through the cracks? What about follow up activities or open cases? It’s easy to create Advanced Find searches to look for items that are in the past. Here’s how to work with past due records in Dynamics CRM: In Advanced Find, navigate to […]

Have you been having some issues with errors in Silverlight since the last Silverlight upgrade in May? Well, so have we! Some parts and pieces of our PowerPack add-ons are built in Silverlight, which is how we came across this issue. PowerPhoto users specifically have been reporting that they were seeing the below error when […]

We did it—AGAIN! PowerObjects is super honored to be awarded Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. No one’s ever done it before, and we couldn’t be prouder of this achievement. Every year that we can win the Super Bowl of our industry is awesome for us. Microsoft […]

It’s not uncommon when working with large amounts of JavaScript files, whether you’ve created them or are using third party libraries, to run into a dependency issue. It’s a significant enough problem that libraries like RequireJS exist to address it. However, when developing for CRM, coders lose some of the control over the application pipeline […]

After applying Update Rollup 10, 11, 12 or 13 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may see an issue where workflows that contain a step to send an email get stuck in a status of waiting. This specific issue occurs if the EnableRetrieveMultipleOptimization key exists in the registry and has a value of 2. (As a […]

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