• 20 November 2014
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We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve received a phone call and frantically search in our CRM system for the caller’s Contact or their company’s Account record. We fumbled through the search process, opening several records looking for the right one, all while making small talk with the caller trying to buy ourselves more […]

Recently, FierceHealth and Keri Silvernagel from PowerObjects teamed up to lead a webinar on physician referral management. This webinar centered around the changing healthcare industry and how these changes will drive different needs in referral management. With these topics in mind, the present and future healthcare environment is perfect for Dynamics CRM and its ability to offer […]

Quite a few times it becomes necessary to have calculated fields on a form, for example, we may have a few fields and we want to also have the total on the form. Prior to CRM 2013, you would need to do this via JavaScript and then 2013 introduced Business Rules, which can be used […]

Global option sets are extremely useful for developing in Dynamics CRM according to best practices in system architecture.  In this blog we’ll cover what is an option set and how to create an option set. What is a Global Option Set? Often referred to as “dropdown” or a “pick-list” option sets are a field type […]

Do you remember the last time you went boating? Chances are that it was an enjoyable experience. Maybe you are the captain of your own boat or you’re one of the lucky few who have a friend who is. Owning a boat is a significant investment and is similar to maintaining an instance of MS […]

A successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation hinges on good data and being able to reference data easily and accurately. Scribe is an excellent tool that can help manage that data and the appropriate references to it. Today, we will examine using Cross Reference Keys in Scribe Insight to ensure that your source and target data […]

Today we’ll review the changes to the Case form introduced as part of the Spring Wave ’14 Update. While most of the functionality is the same, we have new fields to support the new functionality for Entitlements. The Case forms have the following new characteristics: Ability to have a Quick Create form Select the entitlements […]

What is Problem Steps Recorder and why would you want to use it? PSR is a useful tool which allows you to capture every step of a process. As an example of its utility: if you get a repeated error message, you can start PSR and then record each step while you recreate the error. […]

Dynamics CRM PowerPack Add-on PowerFind allows people to be effortlessly found across multiple entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Campaign Responses. With an easily configurable reading pane, important information is available for each entity on a single screen. PowerFind allows search criteria to be easily filtered and narrowed down. Navigate to PowerPack. […]

In Part 1, we looked at some key highlights coming this fall for marketers directly inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But as most marketers know by now, there are two other integrated products that bring Dynamics customers’ marketing to the next level: Microsoft Social Listening and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. First let’s review what these two products […]

  • 31 October 2014
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Do you use currently use CRM to send emails? With PowerEmail, it is possible to track: if and when an email was opened, the last time it was opened, how many times it was opened, and tracks URL clicks. Once the solution is imported, there is nothing extra required to acquire these analytics. A checkbox […]

  • 29 October 2014
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PowerSocial allows Dynamics CRM users to post messages on LinkedIn or Twitter, all from within the comfort of their CRM system. It’s as easy as choosing a publisher, creating a message, and posting! But, of course, not just anyone can post using PowerSocial. PowerSocial also includes the ability to require approval before posts are blasted […]

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