You may have a need to retrieve attachments and create attachments that are associated to notes of an entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have provided the sample .net code that shows how to retrieve these attachments: Sample 1 private EntityCollection RetrieveNoteAttachments(Guid entityId) { EntityCollection results = null; QueryExpression _noteattachmentQuery = new QueryExpression { EntityName […]

The ‘SET AS DEFAULT’ button in the ribbon on the Dashboard page is not often used, but is very important. After going through the trouble of Creating a New Dashboard you naturally want to see it every time you open CRM right? What if you go to click ‘SET AS DEFAULT’ and find that it’s […]

  • 19 January 2015
  • CRM 101
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In your Microsoft Dynamics CRM musings, you might have come across having multiple business processes that you follow on Opportunities. What do you do if you want to track how many opportunities are following each? Example: Standard Process flow vs. Streamlined Process flow The question is how many Opportunities are following the Standard Process and […]

In this blog we’ll briefly describe the steps to modify a view in Dynamics CRM 2013 to Create a Personal View. A view is a saved listing of information related to a CRM entity. Systematic views are saved as public default views that the business thinks will be most useful to the general user. What […]

In the healthcare industry, covering the gaps in care continue to drive discussion on patient centered care, especially as organizations move towards value-based payment contracts. Case management has been a standard in health care and have been offered through health care providers, health plans, through government health services, and other health care organizations for those […]

For an undetermined length of time, there has been a bug detected in Microsoft Dynamics CRM when you are using Advanced Find for Searching CRM. You will find that you cannot see the Company Name when adding columns to the Lead view. This bug has been reported to Microsoft, and we are here to tell that […]

With the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing campaign canvas you will become a marketing campaign Van Gogh. Campaign building couldn’t be easier using the visual designer, and just like the old masters, you’ll soon be creating amazing works! Let’s get started. Navigate to Marketing Execution > Campaign management > Campaign. First, fill out the campaign Summary information; here […]

Using Business Rules (sometimes called Portable Business Logic or PBL) to create rules at the entity level allows PowerGrid users to apply basic logical functions while maintaining accessible customizations. Using Business Rules and PowerGrid in Dynamics CRM 2015 is easy if you follow this example. For this example, we will create a simple business rule to […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Tablets (aka MoCa) uses the same form definitions that are used in the web application. Any JavaScript code added to form event handlers or ribbon commands in the web application may also run within CRM for tablets. However, due to presentation differences on the tablet form factor, there are some important […]

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may have a need to use write-in products on the opportunity or quote if you want to estimate something that is not in the product catalog. Write-in products allow you to simply type the name of a product or service and type in the price. In this blog, we’ll discuss […]

During your time with Dynamics CRM, you may have encountered an issue that when the form was expanded to full size, an empty section appeared to be visible on the far right hand size as shown below.   To resolve this issue, you need to change the Maximum Width in the display tab of the […]

We’ve shown you how to store and access electronic documents that are used to present products or services to potential customers using the sales literature feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The common use case assumes that the documents will be stored in and accessed from the master sales literature library in CRM where they will […]

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