• 27 December 2013
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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can reuse the same workflow steps in multiple workflows without recreating them. This is done by creating a workflow template and then using the template as a basis for creating the other workflows.

In the example below, we’ll make a template that will create an email activity when a case is closed. We will be able to use it to specify different emails to send based upon how the case is resolved. Since we want to create an email activity, it can be done asynchronously.

  1. Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, navigate to Settings > Processes, and click New to create a new process.
  2. Fill in the process name, select the category of workflow and the entity of case.
  3. Ensure the Type is set to New Blank Process and click OK.

    Dynamics CRM Workflow Templates

  4. In the workflow editor, change the Activate As dropdown to Process template. This will make the workflow a template over a standard workflow.

  5. Set the desired triggers for the workflow and create the workflow steps, as desired.

  6. Save then activate the template which will make if available for new workflows.

Now that the workflow template is created, let’s walk through the steps of using the template in an existing workflow.

  1. Create a new process, and select the same entity type as the template.
  2. Select New process from an existing template option.

  3. Select the template from the list.
  4. Click OK. This will copy the template workflow into a new workflows ready to be modified.

Note: This “point in time” copy of the template; so changes made to the template will not affect those created from the template. Likewise, changes to workflows created from the template will not impact the template.

Now that you know how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow templates, you have discovered a quick way to create many workflows that are similar without duplicating your efforts!

If this was useful to you, you’ll find many more ways to work with workflows on our blog.

Happy CRM’ing!

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