• 12 February 2013
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PowerShare is one of over a dozen different add-ons that PowerObjects has created to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This particular add-on allows users to create bundles of documents in CRM, send bundled documents to prospects or clients, track whether or not that person went to the document bundle, and if they opened any of the documents within the bundle.

The PowerShare add-on makes it super simple to upload documents in CRM, and build and send a document bundle, using the handy PowerShare wizard.

PowerShare is so easy to use, anyone CRM user can do it! It’s as easy as:

1. Upload your documents in CRM.send bundled documents with PowerShare addon for MSCRM

2. Choose a contact or lead to send a bundle to and let the PowerShare wizard walk you through the steps. Select which documents you’d like to send, edit the main document bundle area (choose the title of the document bundle, the expiration date, edit the footer, etc.), type up your email and send.

Sit back and let the tracking begin! You can even choose to be notified via email every time there is any sort of action on your document bundle.

So next time you send a customer or a prospect any sort of document, slideshow, picture or spreadsheet, use PowerShare to make sure you know if they ever opened the document(s), and how many times.

Just like all of the other wonderful PowerPack add-ons, PowerShare is available for a free 30 day trial. Visit the PowerShare web page to download or to get more information.

Happy CRM’ing!

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