If you use Dynamics CRM and you have a Windows 8 mobile device, there’s no excuse not to get Power8CRM—our Windows 8 App for Dynamics CRM. We just pushed Power8CRM Release 3 to the Marketplace, with great updates that improve functionality and make it even more useful to users.

Some of the new features include:

  • Live Tile. On your start screen, Power8CRM will now display as a “live tile”, displaying various Power8CRM images.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - Live Tile

  • Lead Qualification. You can now qualify a lead from within Power8CRM.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - Lead Qualification

  • PowerGlobalSearch Integration. If you’ve got the PowerGlobalSearch add-on installed for your CRM, you can now enjoy cross entity search functionality inside the app.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - PowerGlobalSearch

  • Email an Opportunity Contact. Power8CRM now allows you to email an Opportunity’s primary contact when you are on an opportunity record.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - Email and Opportunity

  • Search Lookup Fields. We’ve added functionality that allows you to search when trying to populate a lookup on a CRM record.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - Search Lookup Fields

  • Probability Slider on Opportunity Page. When you open an opportunity, you can now set the probability that the opportunity will close with a handy slider.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - Opportunity Slider

  • Who’s logged into what? Now when you are logged into a CRM in the Power8CRM app, you can see who is logged in, and which CRM they are logged into.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - Who's logged in?

  • PowerPhoto for Tasks. You can now add a photo to a task if you have the PowerPhoto add-on installed for your CRM.

    Power8CRM Release 3 - PowerPhoto

Power8CRM is free to download from the Microsoft Marketplace, so get it for your Windows 8 device now!


  • cygnetinfotech

    Now windows 8 has come in the market. So for the users with windows 8, for them Dynamics CRM would be very helful as power8CRM is updated with great functionality. So thanks for sharing this post.

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