The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words – so a bunch of pictures must be worth a lot more!

I think my new favorite PowerPack item is PowerWebTraffic, as a CRM geek one of the things I obsess over is driving marketing value back into and out of CRM for our company and our customers. So I have two new favorite dashboards that I check out throughout the day – one shows me the all up traffic and what pages people are visiting from what companies, and the next takes it a level deeper and shows me who those people are and what pages they are going to…..take a look

Now let’s take it all the way down to the contact or lead record…start to see where we can go with this!

Pretty powerful stuff and so easy to setup and start tracking – takes about 3 minutes to import the solution and another 5 minutes to drop the tracking script on your website and wham….the data start flowing.

Think about the power of this from a sales standpoint – now think about the power of workflows in CRM and you can really take your marketing to the next level. I know you are thinking this is worth $1000’s a year……probably is, but we only charge $1/crm user/month to use… many users do you have – is this worth that per month?

Happy CRM’ing

2 Comments on “Web Traffic in Microsoft CRM is worth…..

  1. Mark

    So can we set an email alert to notify us when leads or contacts visit a certain page such as our prices page? That would be a great feature to be alerted when someone has looked at our prices page and would help our sales team to focus on these leads.

  2. PowerPackPro

    Hi Mark – absolutely! You would do this by creating a workflow. Look for a blog post on this topic within the next week.


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