We all know the Power of the Advanced Find tool in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but in CRM 2011, not only is the Advanced Find functionality enhanced… “Excel Like” filtering is available from within the grid!

This new functionality is available from both the CRM 2011 Outlook Client and the CRM 2011 Web Client.

From within any view, click the “Filter” button

Once the filtering has been turned on, you will notice column headers change.



Clicking on the dropdown arrow allows you to filter based on a few “pre-defined” criteria, or create a “custom” filter on the fly!

The “Custom Filter…” option allows you to select up to two possible filter criteria (For that column) using similar operators found in the Advanced Find tool. (Equals, Does Not Equal, Contains Data..etc..)

Once you have added filter criteria to the column, the icon will change. When you hover over the filter with your mouse it will reveal the filter criteria that you chose.

You can create custom filters for each Column in the view if you would like

If you would like to save this view for future use, at the top of the screen, click the view tab and choose

“Save As”. This will allow you to save the view, the same way that you would in the Advanced Find tool.

Add this new Filtering functionality to an already powerful Advanced Find tool, and you have an easy to use Query / Ad-Hoc Reporting tool that is easy to learn for all levels of CRM users.

Thanks for spending a little time with PowerObjects today – the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Experts – as always we would love to work with you and take your MSCRM experience to a new level!

Happy CRM’ing

6 Comments on “CRM 2011 – Filtering your Views – Without the Advanced Find

  1. Alex Kazansky

    The filters seem to work ONLY with standard entities – not with CUSTOM ones. At least I cannot find a way to enable the Filter button in a ribbon. What a shame, Microsoft…

  2. Benoit

    Contrary to what Alex Kazansky is saying, the filter button does appear for my custom entities’ views.

  3. Glen Howie

    Like Benoit says, Filters work on Custom entities , but there seems to be some quirks; the list below ‘Custom Filter’ only appears for some fields, not for all and I cant figure out what the difference is (works on some Option sets but not all). also, it does return an error on “equals” or “Does not equal”;
    “There was an error processing your request. Please wait and try again later.”
    Any experiences on this?

  4. Glen Howie

    Just found out (after a support call with MS), that the error was caused by having a ‘&’ in one of the Option Set values.

    1. Matthias

      Hi I have the same error, but after I have removed the “&” the error does still appear? have you any ideas?

  5. Daniel Pelisek


    Please does something similar exists for the “Look up”? I’ve got too many entries in the lookup view (I need them all) and I want to filter them on different attributes (columns).


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