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Well the folks here are always looking at how to improve the fuctionality of CRM out of the box.  Today one of our CRM superhero’s Thomas gave me a run down on our new dashboard entity.  Can I just say I was blown away!  I spend a lot of my time out talking with people about Microsoft CRM and one of the things that always gets thrown at me is – “hey you guys don’t have the kewl customizable dashboards that SF.COM does”……well we got sick of hearing that even if we could give them the dashboard they wanted.  Bottom line is customers wanted to play around themselves and make their own – well now our customers can!

We created an entity that lets you create a dashboard of charts against any of your advanced find views – way more powerful than what the people we refer to as “brand-x” do.  If you take the power of the advanced find and turn them into graphs you have some real actionable data.  We have it right now so you can create single and multi series graphs with the ability to group by timeframes.  So lets say I wanted to look at a graph on my dashboard of all opportunities won by a given month….first you build the advanced find…..not to tough.  Then we jump into our dashboard entity choose the advanced find – choose the x & y – choose how we want the data grouped – save and BANG – new graph on my dashboard.  Talk about powerful.  The next thing we are working on is the ability to drill down…..so more to come.  If you want to get a demo of this reach out and we will get it scheduled! Contact Us

Dashboards in Microsoft CRM

Dashboards in Microsoft CRM

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