A client of mine recently contacted me and asked me if there was a way to reassign some personal views that were created by an employee that has since left the organization. The client wanted to know if there was a way to reassign these views without having to login as the departed employee. This […]

We often get how-to requests on how to change the sql report services that an organization uses. This can be done out of the box quite easily and without the need to re-import the organization. Here's how: Open crm deployment manager. You must be a 'crm deployment administrator'. Click in organizations, right click and disable […]

There are many new and exciting features for Dynamics CRM 2015. One of these new features is better searching capabilities. For CRM 2015, search will be available in the top navigation bar, configurable and customizable, and have a new and improved look and feel for search results. To use the search box in the top […]

As the Spring ’14 Wave continues to make ‘waves’, we continue our own deep-dive into the changes.  Previously, versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online used a client-to-server strategy to authenticate and transmit data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Online. Now Dynamics has introduced a new approach to CRM and SharePoint integration. The integration now happens at […]

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a tool out there that could help you track the usage of your Dynamics CRM users, your wait is over! PowerObjects has developed a log utility tool that can help with tracking user adoption. The log utility, dubbed PowerLog, provides summaries of user activities via dashboards. You can […]

By now, we all know the amazing things PowerMailChimp can do. What is better than bringing the ease and comfort of MailChimp’s powerful data directly into CRM to see who is doing what with your emails and email content? Clicks, opens, and unsubscribes are significant data, but how about taking analysis and decision making to […]

One of the great features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ability to send out automatic notification emails triggered by certain actions, such as creating an account, closing a case, adding a note to a case, or converting a lead. This is done using the email router. So what happens when you have a CRM […]

Many companies create silos within their data for security reasons. One way to do this is to increase Dynamics CRM security settings to make user-owned records read/write-only. This works, but it can also present some challenges. For example, what if one of your sales reps approaches a client about some new products, without realizing that […]

When working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online reports, you may encounter issues with reports not displaying properly. You might find that a sub-report cannot be displayed, a sub-report cannot be found, or there is an error rendering the report. The problem may be in the use of sub-reports. In this blog, we will cover: Common […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM UR 12 is here! Amidst of all the cool new features of UR 12, like process based forms and cross browser support (click here to see more on UR 12), there have been a few minor issues we’ve come across. One is the inability to convert a lead record into a Contact, […]

Today we’ll cover configuring the Dynamics CRM 2011 Email Router to use Office 365 for Outgoing emails. The process can be broken down into three parts. Part 1 consists of gathering details from Office 365 about the deployment, Part 2 is granting permissions via PowerShell and Part 3 involves the actual email router configuration. Part […]

One of the great features of  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the role based form or the ability to create multiple forms for the same entity and exposing them based on a user’s security role. Today, we’ll discuss a neat best practice that may often be ignored during CRM implementations — labeling CRM 2011 forms. […]

If you’ve created a custom entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (or CRM 4 for that matter) you’ve noticed the “Name” field of this entity is a required field. What if this field serves no useful purpose for your users. It could just be an extra field that the user must populate in order to […]

As you start to use crm 4 you will sooner or later desire new features or enhancements to what is available out of the box for formatting an email. For example, one of the requested features we have had is nicely formatting dates. Out of the box when you email merge a date/time field the […]

Out of the box system views are not configurable. This means that we can’t modify the search criteria and can’t delete these views. However, via a plug-in we can control whether or not the end user sees these views. This is done by writing a plug-in against the “Retrieve Multiple” message on the “Saved Query” […]

Sporadically we keep receiving reports of folks with the outlook crm client where they cannot open any new windows such as accounts, contacts,etc. They receive an error "there was an error while executing action for this menu item button". This seems to only happen with windows vista + Internet Explorer 8 + some hot fix […]

Dynamics CRM 4 has great capabilities in helping to keep a crm system relatively duplicate free by using duplicate detection rules. However, care must be taken when creating these duplicate detection rules. Each time a duplicate detection rule runs and a match is found, the matches are written to the ‘DuplicateRecordBase’ table. If the rules […]

One of the frequently asked questions we get asked related to email templates is how to include images or graphics or attachments in crm 4 email templates. Well, the short answer is that you can't include attachments in email templates, BUT, you can still create very nice and professional looking templates by using image links. […]

Microsoft released a neat little tool called the data import tool. This tool allows any user to select an entity, a system view or even a personal view, then modify the data in batch mode. However, anyone that tried to connect to crm via IFD or a partner hosted crm noticed right away that it […]

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