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Imagine a world where you could listen to what your devices were telling you. Imagine if you could tell if a machine was going to fail or breakdown before it happens. With the ServSmart framework from HCL and PowerObjects you don’t have to imagine anymore!

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Our ServSmart framework is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations view, track, and manage all aspects of their field service process from product to service to repair. ServSmart captures data from a machine, drives that data into Azure IoT, defines the parameters to create an alert within CRM and provides the analysis to define and refine predictive maintenance.

As a user, you are able to take all that data and build it in your CRM, creating a comprehensive asset management and tracking solution which is often referred to as asset track. Giving you the capability to read or diagnose information from a machine leveraging the Azure IoT Suite to capture and record all the critical data in there.

To learn more about the ServSmart Framework watch the full product demo or connect with one of our Field Service Experts.

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