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You’ve probably heard rumblings about the pains and woes of the current state of retail. It’s the new normal to see once iconic stores hanging up giant red or yellow “store closing,” “everything *insert jaw droppingly large percentage* off” signs in the window. So, what’s going on? How can retailers keep their stores relevant and meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers? We may not have all the answers, but one thing’s for sure: Customers have changed. Retailers are changing. Now, stores must change too!

In-Store Retail

Today’s blog features our newest white paper, “In-Store Retail Innovation,” which dives into the current state of the retail industry and highlights how top brands in the UK and beyond, including Lululemon, Macy’s, Mamas & Pappas, and more, are investing in customer-first strategies. Use cases include re-telling the brand story and making more meaningful customer connections in store with digital signage, interactive display systems and mobile engagement.

What’s really exciting, are the possibilities that this transformation offers retailers. Those who grab onto the changes, listen to and optimize feedback and trends from customers, and leverage technology to become the leading force of this transformation, will have opportunities like never before. This is the time for retailers to differentiate their brands and the retail experts at PowerObjects, armed with power of Dynamics 365, are ready to make that happen. Get in touch with our retail experts!

In-Store Retail

Read “In-Store Retail Innovation” now!

“The ever-changing face of retail demands a personalized, relevant and intelligent approach to connecting to the customer. The real challenge for retailers is to understand the value of digital in forging deeper connections with customers to better serve their needs. Ultimately, the technology has to create a richer experience for the customer. Give customers what they expect, but bring the unexpected to drive store traffic, conversion and loyalty. The ability to innovate and harness digital technology will set the successful apart as we move into the new era of retailing…[read more]”

This white paper was created in partnership with One Connected Community.

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