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With the release of Dynamics 365, Field Services now allows you to make any entity into a Bookable entity. This powerful new feature lets you find the right resource for everything from Work Orders to Lead follow ups. This was done with the advent of the Resource Requirement record, a child record to the entity which has been set up to be scheduled. On this record, it’s possible to fill out any information that gets passed to the Schedule Board. Including required skills, booking duration, territory, and of course – the GeoCode. So what do you do if you don’t have a GeoCode, just an address? Can you still utilize the Field Service mapping application to find nearby Bookable Resources? Absolutely!

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365

Field Services (and Project Services) come equipped with an Action called “Resource Scheduling – GeoCode Address”. This Action can be invoked from any Workflow or Plugin. Here’s how to set this up.

1.)Create Address Fields – to return a valid GeoCode, you need to provide a valid address consisting of an Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Country. Set all of these fields to be Single Line of Text fields.


2.)Create a Latitude and Longitude field – each field must be a Float number with 5 digit precision, a minimum value of -180, and a maximum value of 180. If you have multiple addresses on the custom entity, take a page from the Account entity and name the Fields Address 1: Latitude & Address 1: Longitude.

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365


3.)Create a new Workflow that is tied to the custom entity that is being GeoCoded.

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365

4.)I’m setting this Workflow up to fire on Create and whenever any of the input fields are changed, but we could also set it up to run on demand

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365


5.)The Workflow has two steps. The first is calling the “Resource Scheduling – GeoCode Address” Action that comes with Field Services, and the second is updating the record with the returned values. Note that I’m hardcoding United States here because everything I’ll be GeoCoding is in the US, but this can accept a country as a variable.
GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365


6.)And all that’s left is to test! Let’s plug in PowerObjects…

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365


7.)And there we are. Now it’s even easier to come by and see us, maybe take a class, or just come over and say hi!

GeoCode Anything with Dynamics 365

And that’s how to set up Resource Scheduling – GeoCode Address! Interesting, right? To learn more, check out these related blogs:

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Happy CRM’ing!

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