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PowerMap subscribers rejoice! The solution has been enhanced to include a brand new tool to make it even easier for users to manage and communicate with records in CRM based on location. Allow us to introduce the new Radius and Bulk Action Feature.

PowerMap has been enhanced

PowerMap subscribers will now see a “Region/Radius” and “Actions” section in the configuration panel within the solution. From here, users can perform a series of actions for the records encompassed either in the default region view or within a defined radius distance.

Let’s say your company is hosting a conference in New York City and you want to send out an email inviting all of your contacts that are in the area. In the past you would have to go through the manual process of running an Advanced Find and entering the cities and states for the records you would like to include in your marketing list. Now you can easily send an email or create a marketing list without leaving PowerMap.


To do this, simply select the “Define Radius” option and move the blue radius marker to a specific location on the map – for this example we used New York City. Next enter the radius distance, in miles, that you would like to include. You will then see a list of available actions for the pins in the designated area. These actions include: sending an email, assigning records to a CRM user, and adding records to a new or existing marketing list.

Want to check out the latest PowerMap feature for yourself? Download the latest version of PowerMap to get started! If you’re not currently using PowerMap , download the solution today and start your FREE 30 day trial.

Happy CRM’ing!

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