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If your Unified Service Desk (USD) application contains custom hosted controls that need to be downloaded to agent machines, you can find the steps needed to distribute those controls here. However, if you try to view or update your packaged zip file by clicking on the attachment on the Customization file record, you can sometimes get an error message that stops you, even if you have the appropriate security role, which will then not allow you to update USD Customization File Attachments.

USD Customization File Attachments

USD Customization File Attachments

The workaround to get to your package is easy! Simply follow these steps:

1. Open Advanced Find.

2. Search for the file name of the packaged zip file in the Notes entity. In this particular case, the packaged zip file name was titled “USD 2.1.1.zip”.

USD Customization File Attachments

USD Customization File Attachments

3. Open the Notes record.

4. Remove or update the packaged zip file as needed and save the Notes record.

USD Customization File Attachments

Mission accomplished! That’s all for the blog today. To learn more about USD, check out these free Webinars on Demand from PowerObjects:

Happy CRM’ing!

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