Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s visual form editor makes managing your form layouts so easy that users sometimes feel frustrated when it doesn’t work as expected. One of the key features of the visual form editor is its ability to drag and drop fields on to the form, as described in Microsoft’s article on how to use the form editor. If you configure in multiple environments or use different browsers, however, you may have encountered a scenario where dragging a field from the Field Explorer into a form area (such as the body, header, or footer) does not work.

Visual Form Editor

Fortunately, there is another way! The same behavior can be achieved by double clicking the field in the Field Explorer and using the arrow keys to move it on the form, and in today’s blog, we’ll show you how!

Say you need to add the ‘Address 1: Address Type’ field to the Account form. Here are some options:

Add the Field Using Drag & Drop

1. Open the form you want to update.

2. Select the field in the Field Explorer.

3. Drag the field on the form Body until a red line confirms the field placement.

4. Release the mouse press to place the field.

Visual Form Editor

Sometimes the red line does not appear. When this happens, use the steps outlined below:

Visual Form Editor

Add the Field Using Double Click and Keyboard

1. Open the form to be updated.

2. Select the form section where you want the field to be.

3. Double click the field in the Field Explorer.

4. The field will be placed in the selected form section.

Visual Form Editor

Now the field is in the correct section. Let’s assume it must be positioned above the ‘Address 1’ fields. This is where the keyboard arrow keys can be used to change the position.

5. Select the field within the form section.

6. Press the ‘up’ arrow key.

Visual Form Editor

Congratulations! With this back up plan, you’ll never have to stop configuring due to browser issues!

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Happy CRM’ing!

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