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For many organizations using Dynamics CRM and looking to improve the speed of their team calling clients, the PSTN calling integration with Dynamics CRM that Microsoft has developed for their Skype for Business plans may be the exact solution you are looking for. In today’s blog, we’ll dive deeper into what the integration can do for your organization!

Real-time Workflows

Here are some basics to get started. The integration allows your team to look at a phone number in Dynamics CRM, click on it, then launch into a phone call. PSTN calling is an add-on telephone service, however, with the addition of Skype for Business Cloud PBX, it can be used as a phone system complete with phone numbers.  Users can call from all Skype for Business devices and can control calls via a desktop phone for actions such as mute, call forwarding, etc. Along with the ability to click-to-dial out of Dynamics CRM using Skype PSTN, plugging in PowerPhone will open up a caller’s CRM record when they call in. This will save your team time when receiving a call because you’ll have that caller’s specific CRM record pulled open so by the time you say “hello” you’ll know who you are talking to.

Before adding Skype for Business PSTN to your Office 365 subscription, you need to understand what type of licenses you want to add to your subscription. To help you understand what calling plans are available and how they work, watch this webinar, Skype for Business: PSTN Calling Integration with Dynamics CRM. At the bottom of this blog you’ll also find additional resources to help you better understand and enable it for your team.

After you have the correct plan purchased, assigned the licenses to each user, and enabled each user to be able to use Skype for Business PSTN calling, you need to enable Skype for Business in Dynamics CRM to be able to use the click-to-dial features. Only Dynamics CRM system admins can enable this setting.

Step 1: Login to Dynamics CRM and navigate to the Administration area under the System category.

Step 2: Click System Settings.

Step 3: Stay on the General tab and scroll down until you see Set the Telephony Provider. Select Skype for Business/Lync and then click Ok.

Skype for Business

This will update your Dynamics CRM system to allow your team to click on any phone number and launch into a Dynamics CRM call.

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Happy  CRM’ing!

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