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When you need to look for CRM messages that cause a quick search on the web or the SDK help file, the SDK help file will provide the most information. Sometimes, however, it may not be easy to identify which message CRM is using. In today’s blog, we are going to show you how you can identify what CRM message will execute by using Fiddler2!


In today’s example, we will take a look at the Qualify and Disqualify options for Leads and how Fiddler2 can provide a faster way to identify which message CRM is executing.

Qualifying a Lead

1. Download and open Fiddler2.

2. Navigate to the CRM record you want to qualify.

3. Click on Qualify.

4. Next, switch to Fiddler2 and on the left pane, look for the /XRMServices entry.

5. On the right, upper pane, click on Inspectors then Raw. Here you will see the Request that was send and the Message CRM executed.

6. You can use this information to have a developer implement business rules in a plugin. Now that you know what message is fired, a developer can use the Plugin Registration tool to intercept the message and perform the needed business logic.

Disqualifying a Lead

1. First, click on Disqualify and choose an option.

2. Switch to Fiddler2 and click on the /XRMServices entry.

3. Click on Inspectors and then on Raw. In this case, the CRM message isn’t a unique message, it is actually a SetStateRequest, which means that it will include the values of what the Status Reason is being set to.

4. Once again, if there are any business rules that need to be applied, the developer can now know which message to intercept when writing a plugin and registering it.

That’s all for the blog today! Did you know that The CRM Book is a FREE resource you can use to get the most out of your Dynamics CRM experience? Check it out today!

Happy CRM’ing

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