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Scribe has continued to help improve performance and stability with the latest version of Scribe Insight. Now you can group specific jobs by individual processor groups, allowing you to properly segment your real-time Scribe traffic processing based on their requirements. You can then set different priorities to different jobs just by changing their processor group. In today’s blog we will go over Scribe Insight and processor groups in more detail.


If you have high-priority traffic that needs to be processed right away, you can assign it to a larger pool of processor records. Additionally, if you have other background processes that do not need to process right away, they can be assigned to a smaller processor group and work in the background.

For example, you might have an invoice integration between Dynamics CRM and a financial system like Dynamics GP or AX. When invoices are released from CRM, it is important that they integrate over to as soon as possible. In this scenario, you could define Processor Group A as a group of six processors and assign this job to that group, and because it has more processors available, those jobs will process faster. A less time-critical job like an address integration may not need to integrate immediately. You could define a second group Processor Group B that only has two processors and add it to Processor Group B.

Another example where you might want to use a smaller pool of processors is if you are getting deadlocks on a job. Using a pool with only one processor will guarantee that this job will not try and process several of the same records at the same time as it is only capable of doing one record at a time.

Your message processors are a very important part of your queue based integrations. Defining the number of processors that you will need is primarily based on your available memory. A single processor by default takes 300 MBs. There is a lot of thought and planning that needs to go into your message processor strategy.

If you open the Scribe Console and go to Integration Server, you’ll be able to right click and navigate to Properties to display this screen:

This will allow you to define new processor groups so that when you are defining new jobs, you can then assign those jobs to the different processor groups in the bottom right drop down:

Please be aware that this functionality is dependent on your current licensing. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Remember, PowerObjects offers a wide array of educational events for any user at any level. Make sure you check our event calendar for events near you!

Happy CRM’ing!

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