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Do users of your CRM system leave the office as part of their job? If so, you want them to be effective on the go and enable them to visualize data in the space around them. Maps are the tools that many of us use to navigate the world around us as they are a natural way to find where people and places are.


PowerMap is one of our more popular PowerPack Add-ons that many organizations choose as the mapping solution for their Dynamics CRM systems. If you’ve been wanting to take this mapping solution on the road, there’s no better time than today!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 finalized the capability to display web resources in the updated CRM mobile app. Web resources can be added to both dashboards and forms, and PowerObjects has optimized the PowerMap solution to work even better with the CRM mobile app.

Let’s take a look at two use cases:

1. In the event of a no-show or early resolution, a field service technician can now locate other customers in the area and use that opportunity to drop-in for an early inspection.

2. When visiting a new opportunity, a sales professional can check to see if there are other nearby accounts they have not touched base with in a while and even get helpful directions to one or more records displayed on the map.

PowerMap, when utilized on mobile devices like Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad, can enable your team do more while on the go.

What can PowerMap do?

You can configure your CRM system by placing a regional map on a dashboard pre-configured with the most relevant data available for fast consumption. You can also place a map directly on a specific CRM record like Account or Contact for a more record-centered map view.

Here is what this experience can look like on your mobile devices.


Above you can see PowerMap used on a dashboard displayed on both desktop and mobile home screens. These are identical experiences, driving user adoption via consistency of the CRM experience regardless of the access medium.

The PowerMap experience works well on any mobile device platform including Google, Apple, or Microsoft, all of which the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile app supports today.


Directions are a helpful feature to use on the go, allowing users to navigate between two or more map pins or type in the address of a desired location.


When PowerMap is used within a record, the web resource can easily be configured to display the map centered on the record’s address. This allows users to quickly view other records surrounding the location as well as get directions within context to that record’s location.

Here is what a child record (Contact) looks like within an Account record on mobile:


For CRM 2016 users, after adding the PowerMap web resource to the dashboard or form, open and enable it for Mobile as shown below:


Then, when adding or editing a web resource on a form or a dashboard, simply open Properties and chose again to enable it for mobile use as shown:


Want to learn more about Mobile and CRM? Check out our webinar on Why Go Mobile with Dynamics CRM 2016 on February 23. Find out how businesses can save time and money when enabling their teams do to more while on the go!

Happy CRM’ing!

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