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When working within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may run into an instance where you need to print a CRM record or want to print a capture of your current screen. Maybe you want to capture the exact formatting of a page itself or perhaps you need to print off a copy of a Contact record to use as a quick reference for a networking event. In any event, printing in CRM can be achieved by using the print preview feature, and in today’s blog, we will show you how to use that feature to print physical copies of your CRM records and screens.


Note: You can capture sub-grids on a form via the print preview, however, you can only grasp notes and not activities and posts from the social pane area on the form.

There are two main places you can navigate to if you want to get print previews of your CRM screen, and we will be going over both of them. They are as follows:

1. If you need to print a screen/record from within CRM, follow these steps: Click on the settings icon in the top right corner -> Select Print Preview.

Once the print preview opens, you can print the page by clicking on the Print icon on the top left corner.

2. If you want to view the print preview of a window that opens up outside of your main screen such as an Advanced Find, then follow these steps: Click on File -> Print Preview.

You can then print the page by clicking on the Print icon on the top left corner as shown below:

I hope you enjoyed this little tip on printing pages from CRM! Until next time, readers, happy CRM’ing!

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