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In today’s blog, we will be reviewing and detailing a new customer service feature that has been introduced as part of the CRM 2015 Online Update 1, Default Entitlements. We will discuss how you set a default entitlement per customer, auto-apply it on case records, and how to use the new system settings to control when to auto-apply default entitlements per customer. This enhancement greatly increases agent productivity. So let’s get started!


Creating and Activating Default Entitlements

Default entitlements are established per customer. To create or activate your default entitlements, first navigate to the Entitlements grid and click on New (Settings -> Service Management -> Entitlements) Complete the New Entitlement form shown below.


When you save the New Entitlement, the command bar will refresh. Once the Command Bar refreshes, select the Activate command as shown below.


Once the new Entitlement has been activated, you should confirm the activation. The command bar will refresh again. From this refreshed command bar (shown below), select the Set as Default command and confirm the action. You have now Created, Activated and Set a Default entitlement.


Auto-apply Default Entitlements to Cases and Decrementing Entitlements

In order to auto-apply default entitlements to cases and decrementing entitlements, first navigate to the Case grid, click on New (Service -> Case -> New), and complete the required information. For the Customer field, select the customer for whom the entitlement was created for and then save the case. Once you save the new case record, the entitlement gets applied automatically. The screen shots below respectively show the Acme Sales Default Base Entitlement applied to a case and the decrementing of Entitlement Terms are now 999.00 from 1000.00.


System Settings Control Auto-apply for Default Entitlements

You will need to modify your system settings to control the auto-apply for default entitlements. To do this, navigate to Settings -> Service Management -> Service Configuration Settings. The System Settings box will open. Navigate to the Service tab, and look for the Automatically apply entitlement section. From here, users can select to apply the default customer entitlement when a case is created or updated.


Let’s recap! We have illustrated the exciting new enhancement of auto-applying default entitlements per customer. This has three components consisting of:

  1. Setting the default entitlement per customer.
  2. Auto-applying default entitlements on cases.
  3. Modifying the System Settings to control auto-apply when you create or update a case.

This enhancement will increase agent productivity and assist in tracking support terms for case records. If you would like to learn about other exciting out-of-the-box user interface changes introduced by the Carina update check out our Top 10 Features blog and if you would like to learn more about the basics of entitlements, check out the Creating Entitlements blog.

Thanks for stopping by our blog today! Happy CRM’ing!

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