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Who said Dynamics CRM can’t be mobile, fun, and even fashionable?!


As you may have heard (and it’s hard to miss if you’re a PowerObjects blog fan) – the sales and marketing team went big yet again this year! We had a great time meeting thousands of current and future CRM customers, and getting a preview of the great additions to Dynamics CRM and its family of solutions.

Since we love Dynamics CRM and the technology that can be built around it, we put it at the heart of our Convergence game. If you weren’t at the conference to experience the game firsthand, here’s how it worked:

CRM and SMS for the Win

Our booth was staffed with PowerObjects CRM fanatics, with a call-to-action for conference attendees to send a text message to our phone number to receive a sweet CRM track jacket. (We used PowerSMS, our CRM Add-on for two-way text messages, naturally).

How to make 3,000 friends at Microsoft Convergence with Dynamics CRM

This call to action was also listed on table tents in the dining hall, so many people sent the text even before strolling by the booth.

Mobile-friendly CRM PowerWebForms

After people sent the SMS message, they automatically and instantly received a response text with a link to a web form (our PowerWebForm add-on with some simple fields. This form was completed on their smart phone, sometimes right in front of the booth. CRM and mobile in action!

The Payoff: Free Fashionable CRM Gear

After they submitted the simple form, it got even more interesting. From there we used a CRM tablet app to confirm they had filled out the form and then added some additional information to their record, like taking their photo (with PowerPhoto), capturing voice recording for transcribed notes, and checkboxes for what CRM topics they wanted to learn more about: Education, Upgrades, Marketing, Customer Care, Mobility, and more.

Based on that data, we automatically sent them some information using email and PowerShare, and of course collected that data into CRM.

Attendees received their CRM track jacket and walked away with the gift of fashion and CRM know-how. They had just experienced a high-powered event marketing machine run through CRM, with two-way PowerSMS, PowerWebForms, a mobile app, and more.

How to make 3,000 friends at Microsoft Convergence with Dynamics CRM
CRM fan with PowerObjects tech jacket!


But Wait! Bonus: Wearables

Every day we also held a drawing for Microsoft Bands. Entries from the jacket giveaway needed to be present to win, so we had a great crowd around the booth of potential bonus winners. We used CRM to pick random winners and even showed the photos we had taken and added to their record on the display boards.

How to make 3,000 friends at Microsoft Convergence with Dynamics CRM

When it was all said and done we gave away 3,000 jackets and CRM had collected over 1800 new leads, with accurate contact information, de-duplicated, and with some details about their areas of interest (Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, xRM, etc.) and even transcribed recordings of conversations. A great result and we had a blast doing it – all with CRM!

How to make 3,000 friends at Microsoft Convergence with Dynamics CRM
Even Satya got in on the fun!



Happy CRM’ing!


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Joe D365

Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.