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Easily insert random numbers, or letters, dates or times in any field of any entity in Dynamics CRM automatically with PowerPack Add-on PowerAutoNumber. Use a combination of numbers, letters and dates in your fields, and have the ability to number more than one field in each entity. Random numbers are also guaranteed to be unique! Are you ready to explore another great way to utilize PowerAutoNumber?


PowerAutoNumber used in this example is as follows:

Populate Pre-existing Accounts with Auto-Number

1. Navigate to Accounts.

Populate Pre-existing Accounts with Auto-Number

2. Select all Accounts that need the PowerAutoNumber. Depending on the number of Accounts, this may need to be done 250 records at a time. Select Edit.

Populate Pre-existing Accounts with Auto-Number

3. A new window will appear to allow a bulk edit. Fill the Place Holder in the field the auto-number needs to populate. Click Change.

Populate Pre-existing Accounts with Auto-Number

4. The Account will now have an account number assigned to it!

Populate Pre-existing Accounts with Auto-Number


Thank you for your interest in PowerAutoNumber. Should you have any questions, contact us at 612-339-3355 or email powerpackpro@powerobjectsweb.com/stg. Remember, your trial will expire 30 days from the date of installation. If you are interested in subscribing, go back to the configuration screen and change “try” to “subscribe” and enter your credit card information – you will be charged $1/CRM user/month.

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