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PowerBarcode allows users to create barcode images right from within CRM! You can easily insert a barcode into an e-mail or report using a very simple control within CRM which provides the ability to insert QR Code, Matrix, Linear Barcode or PDF code. Learn how following the steps below!


Using the PowerBarcode Add-on:


1. Navigate to PowerPack.

2. Navigate to PowerBarCode Styles.

3. Select the desired PowerBarcode that will be used; or, create a new PowerBarcode now. Once it is open and has the necessary parametrics filled in, click the Ellipse in the upper right corner.

4. Select Get Token.


This will automatically put the token onto your clipboard. Simply paste it where it needs to be and you are all set!

Through an E-mail

While creating an email, there is a way to automatically add the PowerBarCode URL or the token itself. Start off by writing an e-mail. When ready to insert your token, or to copy the token to clip board to insert elsewhere, click Get Token.

Choose either the Copy URL or the Copy Token. Copy URL will provide a link that when clicked on will open up a browser with the Barcode. Copy Token will prodice the actual image of the Barcode.

The barcode will be similar to the example shown below:

That’s all folks! Lucky for you, we have a bevy of other PowerPacks to keep you going. Check out the main Dynamics CRM Add-ons page to view them all.

Happy CRM’ing!

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