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Today we’ll review the changes to the Case form introduced as part of the Spring Wave ’14 Update. While most of the functionality is the same, we have new fields to support the new functionality for Entitlements. The Case forms have the following new characteristics:



The quick create form can be edited like any other quick create form, to begin with it looks like this:

Case Form Updates for Dynamics CRM

Entitlements are new to CRM in the Spring Wave and allow you to connect information to a case that will allow the user to choose to use either the default SLA or one specified by the Entitlement for that customer. To select an entitlement for a case simply choose from the lookup what entitlement is relevant for the case being worked.

Case Form Updates for Dynamics CRM

Information regarding the selected Entitlement is then displayed on the right side of the form:

Case Form Updates for Dynamics CRM

If desired, the related SLA information can then be displayed by customizing the form and adding the ‘First Response SLA Status’ and/or the ‘Resolve By SLA Status’ to see the respective times

Leo introduced the ability to connect cases together and build meaningful relationships between them. The new case form displays this information in the Case Relationships section. Here you can find Similar Cases, Merged Cases, and Child Cases respectively as they relate to the current case.

Case Form Updates for Dynamics CRM

From here you can either add relationships by clicking the Plus icons or you can create a child case from the command bar:

Case Form Updates for Dynamics CRM

The Social Details section of the new case form displays the relevant Social integration information as it relates to the customer.

Case Form Updates for Dynamics CRM

PowerObjects is hard at work sharing all of the new and exciting features of CRM with you. Be sure to check out other blogs on the Spring Wave ’14 including the Top 10 Features. Happy CRM’ing!

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