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If you are interested in using Dynamics CRM on your cell phone, then this blog is certainly meant for you! When using your phone for tethering and internet access, Dynamics doesn’t usually add a substation usage but if you decide to watch videos or listen to music then those actions can increase the bandwidth usage much higher.


To give you an idea in CRM 2013 exactly how much the main navigation takes for actions like opening an account, contact, lead, opportunity and activity, some calculation will need to happen. The key item to remember is that on a properly configured browser, you can cache quite a bit of stuff. The web browser used in this example was IE 11 network monitor.

The Cellular Data Transfer Plan You Need When Using Dynamics CRM

Here is an estimation of the usage:

Main View

8 hrs a day * 10 times/hr * .47 MB == 37.6MB


The Cellular Data Transfer Plan You Need When Using Dynamics CRM

8 hrs a day * 10 times/hr * .23 MB = 18.4 MB


8 hrs a day * 10 times/hr * .2 MB = 16 MB


8 hrs  a day * 10 times/hr *  0.23 MB = 18.4 MB


8 hrs a day * 10 times/hr * .16 MB = 12.8 MB


8 hrs a day * 10 times/hr * .12 MB = 9.6 MB

Total per day:  112 MB

5 days per week * 4 = 2.18  GB

The above is using CRM 2013 online which has a TON of stuff and not indicative of a client’s CRM. Let’s say the inflation factor is say 25% or 30%. And based on the information above, CRM-only usage is probably 2-2.5 GB/month.

As per the above analysis, the estimation is that if you ONLY do CRM + email on the 2 GB data plan you should be just fine with your usage, but it could be tight. If you plan on browsing the web, etc., then it’s much easier to go over 2 GB.

We hope you enjoyed this blog! For more tips and tricks, head over to our CRM Book or sign up for one of our webinars for even more Dynamics CRM fun!

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