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First introduced in the December 2012 update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and further upgraded in the release of CRM 2013, Microsoft has managed to further perfect the Business Process Flow in Dynamics CRM 2015. Business Process Flows are used like a recipe to guide users through specific business processes. In CRM 2013, system administrators could use the OOB Lead to Opportunity and Case BPFs or create a custom Business Process Flow that could move within an entity or from one entity to another.


Dynamics CRM 2015 to Feature Enriched Business Process Flows

In Dynamics CRM 2015 Business Process Flows can be used to model and guide users through even more complex processes and include innovations to make them more user friendly. Just like in previous versions, different process can be available for the same record type and utilized depending on a user’s security role. Let’s take an in-depth look at all the improvements Microsoft has in store for Business Process Flows in CRM 2015:

Rule-Based Branching

What if your current business processes aren’t strictly linear. For example, an auto dealer may have different processes depending on if a lead is looking for a used or new car. In CRM 2013 this would have been difficult, if not impossible, to model. CRM 2015 features improvements to the Business Process Flow allowing a system administrator to use IF/ELSE clauses to advance to different stages depending on the information entered in the previous stage. It is also possible to merge branches into a single flow again.

AND, all of this is easily edited through the configuration UI, no need for scripting knowledge! You can create a Business Process flow for a single entity or to move throughout different entities. Plus Dynamics CRM 2015 will now allow Business Process Flows to revisit an entity in cross entity Business Process.

Dynamics CRM 2015 to Feature Enriched Business Process Flows



Inclusion of OOB programmability options for Business Process Flows was one of the most requested enhancements in previous versions of CRM. Microsoft delivered on this request with the improvements to Business Process Flows in Dynamics CRM 2015. System Configurators can programmatically update Business Process Flows to do things like collapse the process control bar, advance to the next Stage or skip a stage. It’s even possible to programmatically change the Business Process Flow being used.

The new programmability options are sure to reduce clicks and improve user adoption by making Business Process Flows even more user friendly while the support for rule based branching and non-linear processes will allow more users take advantage of this powerful business process tool.

Dynamics CRM 2015 is full of new features and enhancements. Look to our blog for other great information, such as our Top 10 New Features in Dynamics CRM 2015 or view the CRM 2015 press release for an overview on what to expect from the new release. Happy CRM’ing!

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