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If you’ve ever wanted to see activities from the originating lead, along with all of the other activities or related records when looking at a contact record, but you don’t want to have to look in many different areas of the record, then PowerOneView will be your best friend! PowerOneView is PowerObjects’ most popular PowerPack add-on, which lets Dynamics CRM users roll up everything related to a specific contact, lead, account, or other record, all in one window. PowerOneView has now been enhanced for CRM2013! Along with other enhancements, PowerOneView is now able to rollup activities related to the originating lead, in the PowerOneView window.


On the contact record, if that contact originally came from a qualified lead, there will be a lead record displayed in the “originating lead” field.

Roll up Activities on Leads That Have Been Converted to Contacts in Dynamics CRM

Now, if I’ve configured PowerOneView to do so, I can view everything not only related to Susanna when she was a lead, but also anything related to Susanna the contact, and all in one place! Without using PowerOneView, you would have to navigate to many different areas of the record to get a full feel for what’s going on with that client.

PowerOneView Configuration (so that originating lead information will show up in the contact’s PowerOneView):

Roll up Activities on Leads That Have Been Converted to Contacts in Dynamics CRM

PowerOneView on the contact record:

Roll up Activities on Leads That Have Been Converted to Contacts in Dynamics CRM

Other enhancements to the PowerOneView solution include:

  • Saving user preferences – If a user navigates to PowerOneView, filters out items, navigates away and then navigates back again, those items will still be filtered out
  • Supporting any type of relationship – one-to-many (1:n), many-to-one (n:1) and many-to-many (n:n)
  • Being built in HTML instead of Silverlight (for all of you techies out there)


Haven’t tried PowerOneView yet? Ready to install your free 30 day trial from PowerObjects? Visit the PowerOneView web page to get started! and remember…

Happy CRM’ing!

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