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One of the new great features of MSCRM 2013 is a fly out field of specific data that you can enter in. You have probably noticed this with addresses and the contact name field. This fly out is not configurable from the form, but it can be changed using the name format option in System Settings.

  1. Navigate to Setting -> Administration-> System Settings
  2. On the general tab, we have a Name Format for contacts

Collecting your Contact’s Middle Name in Dynamics CRM


3. There are few different options of how you want the full name format to be displayed. In this example, we are going to select First Name, Middle Name, Last Name. Select OK to save this setting.

Collecting your Contact’s Middle Name in Dynamics CRM

4.  Now when we create a new contact record, we now have the middle name available in the pop out record.

Collecting your Contact’s Middle Name in Dynamics CRM

This is just one of many ways that the CRM 2013 can help take your Dynamics CRM to the next level! For more information on this or any other Dynamics updates, make sure to follow our blog! And as always…

Happy CRM’ing!

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