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Even in today’s world with virtual meetings and technology to make us more connected, there’s still huge value in getting out on the road and seeing prospects. This is especially true when you have a new product or service offering that you simply must show off in person.


But planning a roadshow means figuring out where to go, who to see, and how to make the most out of your team’s time and travel budget. This might sound complicated, but remember: Dynamics CRM is the hub of your sales and marketing, so why not use it to get the show on the road? Our PowerMap add-on makes it easier than ever.

Let’s think about a real-life example. Say you’re an equipment manufacturer with a new accident prevention system for trucking companies and fleet owners. You need to show off this technology to your prospective customers, and a brochure or promo video just won’t cut it—your prospects need to take it for a test drive. So, it’s time for a roadshow.

Where to start?

Your fleet sales reps have geographic territories with accounts and contacts, but not all prospects are created equal. In other words, not every account needs an in-person visit. You want only those accounts that have the budget to buy and the timing is right. You also want to start in a specific metro area, so you want to line up visits in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota area. To leverage the data you have in CRM, you simply use PowerMap and an Advanced Find to find the key contacts that haven’t bought this new product yet, and plot them on the map.

Use an advanced find in CRM for Leads, Contacts or Accounts to plot your PowerMap

PowerMap in Dynamics CRM

To visualize where you have the most potential, you can also create a heat map:


We can see that there is good number of prospects to visit, and that they are all in the same general area. Keep in mind that PowerMap is an add-on inside your CRM, so you can create a list based on any demographics or activity information you have, and use either leads, contacts, accounts or any mix of entities. A regional show may have dozens of visits over weeks or longer, or you may want to canvas a densely-populated area in a single day. The point is, you’re using the data you have to find and plot the best possible list. You and your team can plan and visualize a great roadshow program, all in CRM with this user-friendly add-on.

Once you set your list, you can also customize how the pins look for each target, and add details about that entity for easy reference.

Customize your map view and add details


So now you have a list of best targets for this roadshow. You and your team are excited to hit the road with your new product. Since you don’t know if every single person is going to be ready and available for your visit, you can start reaching out to prospects to get them excited to see you. You can add these prospects to a marketing list for reaching out with a tool like PowerMailChimp for email marketing. This makes it easy to send out an email to those key contacts offering a first-hand view of your great new product. By tracking the responses in CRM, you can always know how your roadshow is shaping up and who might need a little more convincing to be open to a visit. You can also extend PowerZapEvent to register roadshow attendees and confirm dates and times.

Once your visits are set, PowerMap is your best friend again. Use it to generate driving directions that set you up for success. Just add or click your starting point and use the icons to add an account to your driving directions. You can even enter airport codes, intersections, or other landmarks to navigate quickly. Then save your view or print your maps to navigate like a local.

See your map with step-by-step directions, all in CRM


As you make your visits and showcase your new product to your optimized list, you’re bound to win some new deals. Since you planned and executed your roadshow using PowerPack add-ons and CRM, you can build out a straightforward report to see your ROI. Take the number of prospects or leads, visits, travel expenses and new revenue to see how effective your roadshow was. You can also use this analysis to improve your next set of visits and increase your return on this sales and marketing tactic.


This is just one potential way PowerPack add-ons can fuel your marketing and sales efforts.  If you’re ready to get started with PowerMap in Dynamics CRM, you can start with a free, no-obligation trial.

Happy CRM’ing!


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