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As you may have noticed, Microsoft CRM 2013 no longer supports duplicate detection on individual records for updated user interface entities or custom entities. However, this functionality is still present when you qualify a lead based upon the defined duplicate detection rules in your system.


How is this accomplished? Follow along and see!

1. In the command bar, navigate to Settings and click to expand your options.

2. Next, click on Data Management. This brings you to the data management homepage.

Duplicate Detection Rules in CRM 2013

3. Click on Duplicate Detection Settings. This will pop up the screen shown below. From here you can enable duplicate detection as well as select when the system will detect duplicates. Once you have made your selections, click OK.

4. Click Duplicate Detection Rules.

5. You’ll see the duplicate detection rules as shown in the screenshot below. From this screen, you can:

a. See rules that are already created.

b. See the status of these rules—Published (meaning active in the system) or Unpublished (meaning they are not active in the system).

c. Create a new rule based on user-designed specifics.

6. Now that you have your duplicate detection rules defined and published, you can start to utilize them for your organization. Test it by filling out information for a lead that you know is already in the system, including Topic, Name, Business Phone, and Email.

7. Save the record.

8. Once the record is saved, you can Qualify the lead. This will create a contact in your system called Jonathan Davis.

9. Here’s the test — what do you see when you click Qualify?

10. The system has just notified us that we may be trying to enter duplicate data within the system. We now need to search the system to see if there is a match to the account or contact that is about to be created.

11. Click on the to the right of Contact.

12. It does indeed look like there is a John Davis already in the system with the same phone number and email address. Because you can be pretty sure this is the same person, select John Davis and click Continue.

There you have it! You have successfully prevented adding a duplicate contact in your system when qualifying a lead.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do with Dynamics CRM 2013, please check out our new videos in our How-To-Portal.

Happy CRM’ing!

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