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Good news for Office 365 customers! Microsoft has recently made it really easy to upgrade to a new Microsoft Office 365 plan or subscription. That means if you don’t like your plan, you can easily switch plans AND you can also easily add Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your subscription.


To switch plans or subscriptions, you can utilize Microsoft’s Switch Plans Wizard, or you can do it with a manual switch. In order to use the Switch Plans Wizard, your plan must be on the eligible plans list, you must be an admin or global admin, and your subscription must be under 300 users. Any plans not eligible with the Switch Plans Wizard can be changed with a manual switch. This would involve purchasing a new plan, reassigning the licenses, and cancelling the old plan.

Switching to a New Microsoft Office 365 Plan or Subscription

This change is particularly beneficial for customers who are on the Small Business or Small Business Premium plans and are looking to add Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to their subscription. Previously, Office 365 customers were limited in the Office 365 licenses they could purchase—or, if they wanted to switch, they had to activate a new account.

Currently, the Small Business plans do not support Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. However, customers can now easily upgrade from the Small Business plans to either the Midsized Business plan or Enterprise Business plans, which do support Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. These plans not only come with the Microsoft Office 365 services that customers love like Exchange Online, SharePoint, Lync, SkyDrive, Yammer, and Office Processional Plus, but they also allow customers to activate a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription under the same account. This makes it much easier to manage licenses, users and domains.

For more information and further instructions on switching to a new Microsoft Office 365 plan or subscription, check out this blog.

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