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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can use URL fields to give users easy access to specific URL addressable resources, such as documents. This is especially useful when showing associated or sub-grid of such resources.


Recently, we discovered a bug that affects URLs with multiple spaces in IE9 and above.

For example, if you have a company with custom associated proposals like this:

URL Field Error in Dynamics CRM

If you click on the URL field, you would expect to be taken to the file. However, in IE9 and above, only test 1 (no spaces) and test 2 (single space) will work. Test 3 and test 4 will automatically append an additional http to the URL and fail.

URL Field Error in Dynamics CRM

(Note that URL works fine if clicked from the form instead of view.)

This same issue is repeatable in CRM 2013, using IE9 and above.

URL Field Error in Dynamics CRM

Here is how you can work around this issue: In most cases, the solution is to URL encode the spaces when saving the URL.

For example, the following URL will work correctly:

URL Field Error in Dynamics CRM

If you follow this format when using the URL field, you will be able to eliminate the issues caused by the URL field error in Dynamics CRM.

Check out The CRM Book for a list of other common errors and fixes. As always, be sure to keep checking our blog for more solutions and tips.

Happy CRM’ing!

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