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One of the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook is the ability to track valuable email interactions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Several items can be tracked from Outlook, including emails, appointments, tasks and contacts. In this blog we’ll focus just on emails.


The beauty of tracking emails is that if the user deletes the tracked message in Outlook, there will still be a copy saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To track an email, you have two options. You can select “track” or “set regarding”.

Track Outlook Email in Dynamics CRM


To decide which option you should choose, you first need to determine whether or not there was an entity (an account, contact, lead, opportunity, case, etc.) that your email can be linked up with. If it can’t, then you want to select “Track.” This will create a linked record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

On the flip side, if there is an account, contact, lead, opportunity or case the email can be linked up with, you would select “Set Regarding.” When you select this option, a “Look Up Record” box appears. Let’s say, for example, you want to look up a specific account. You would select the drop down box (which will show recently used records and record types), then select the appropriate record. This will link the email to the record you choose. This is the preferred method of tracking emails.

You can tell if an email is being tracked in Outlook by looking at the bottom of the email. Below is an image stating it was saved and where it is located in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Note: You can untrack an email from a string as well. If you select “untrack” for a particular email, that email will not be saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

If this post was useful, you might want to read more about email preferences in Dynamics CRM. Or, if you are looking to enhance your email capabilities, you may want to research PowerObjects PowerPack option in PowerMailChimp.

Happy CRM’ing!

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