Joe CRM is turning Microsoft Dynamics CRM into the premier CRM solution for recruiting firms. While the standard, pre-packaged recruiting software may help you identify candidates, record job placements, and track communications, these solutions are really only meant for recruiting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one system that could help with all of your business processes?


You don’t have to conform your recruiting processes to fit within the confines of pre-packaged solutions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to fit your business processes. From tracking candidates and business contacts, to searching for candidates with specific skill sets, to present to your customer, and recording where a candidate has been placed, MSCRM can get the job done in an interface you’re familiar with.

Along with the many great features of a stand-alone Dynamics CRM solution, it also integrates nicely with accounting packages such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. These integrations make it easy to turn a job placement into an invoice, notifying your accounting team immediately. Third party vendors such as Broadlook allow you to import a resume and parse it out into CRM fields, significantly enhancing the search functionalities. The PowerPack tools can also enhance the way you communicate with companies, search within the system, and recruit new candidates.

(Potential) Recruiting Process Flow in CRM

Dynamics CRM for Recruiting - process flow

When searching for candidates with a specific skill set or those who have attained certain certifications, you can use the Advanced Find tool within CRM to query the data.

Dynamics CRM for recruiting

After you have the results from the advanced find, you can add one or many candidates to a job order to present to your customer.

After your recruiting team is up and running, you may want to consider implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM in other departments. For instance, you can use CRM for your internal IT Help Desk, tracking internal issues and assets.

So there you go. Dynamics CRM for recruiting — everything you need and more!

Happy CRM’ing!

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