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With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CWR Mobility putting the finishing touches on the new Mobile client, we thought we’d take you for a quick “Test Drive” of the Beta version to give you a glimpse of some really cool stuff coming your way over the next few weeks for CRM 2011 and mobility!


CRM 2011 and mobility with CWR Mobility

First off, the new Mobile Application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is Powered by CWR Mobility’s Mobile Client for CRM 2011.  With Microsoft and CWR Mobility teaming up, Microsoft has secured the premier partner for Mobility to insure the absolute highest quality product and experience for the end user.

According the most recent posting on the CWR Mobile site (CWRMobility.com), the latest version (5.1) is available and ready to be installed.

When the dust settles and the application is fully released for CRM Online, On-Premise & Hosted Environments, you may notice TWO different Clients available in the Marketplace for your mobile platform. (iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Windows Phone 7.5 and Blackberry Phones)

The version for CRM Online will be branded with the Microsoft Name (Microsoft CRM Mobile or similar), and the On Premise and Hosted will continue to be branded with the CWR Mobility name.

CRM 2011 and Mobility: Compatible Devices

Highlights of the features available:

  • Familiar User Experience – Delivers familiar look and feel of Dynamics CRM to mobile device.
  • Native applications – Smart client support for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
  • Powerful integration with native device applications – Email, Calendar, Contacts, Phone and Tasks for maximum productivity
  • Role-based information delivery – Delivers customized information to end users based on their specific organizational roles
  • Mobile Dashboards – Support for all native Dynamics CRM 2011 dashboards as real-time online mobile dashboards enables mobile users stay on top of trends and key metrics while on the go.
  • Mapping & Navigation – Look up and visualize on a map the location of a CRM Contact or Account.

ipad and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Connectivity Independence – Offline, Online and Hybrid connection support means mobile users always have access to their data.
  • Background Synchronization – Synchronization occurs automatically and reliably whenever connectivity is present.
  • In-App Web Browsing – Lets users utilize key web resources such as SharePoint, web applications and Internet web sites as part of your mobile CRM solution.
  • Multi-Device Access – Users can connect multiple devices to their CRM user, including phones and tablets.
  • International Availability/Localization – Available in 25 countries and localized in 10 languages.
  • Easy deployment – Available through app marketplaces and via enterprise deployment tools.

The Server Side Application for the latest version (5.1) is currently available for Hosted and On-Premise CRM Environments.  The Client for the various Mobile devices will be appearing in the Marketplaces over the next few days.

If you want to give it a Try, visit http://crm.dynamics.com/en-us/home  and request a 30 day trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.   Then head over to CWR Mobility http://www.cwrmobility.com once your Trial CRM 2011 Organization has been setup, to request a free Trial of the Mobile CRM.

The great part about doing the test in the Trial Organization using CRM Online, is that the entire Server-side installation is done for you! (You will have some additional “Configurations” in the application to setup users and configure the entities to be available to the mobile client, but the Solution and all web server items are handled behind the scenes without any user interaction!)

Once this portion has completed, simply access the marketplace on your device to download the free client!

With the release of the New Mobile CRM Client and the soon to be released “Release 8” (Cross browser support), Microsoft takes yet another step forward in the ultimate goal of “CRM Anywhere”!

For more information and pricing, please contact the happy sales folks at PowerObjects!   We are happy to assist!

Happy CRM’ing!

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