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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook synchronization filters provide a way to granularly specify the data that is synchronized between Outlook and CRM. If the offline outlook crm client is enabled, then these filters specify the data that is available offline. These filters are defined on a per user basis:


Update Users Outlook Filters via Script

We often have had clients that would like to change the CRM Outlook filters for an entire organization, instead of having each user configure the CRM Client and then manually configure each filter according the business requirement. The CRM SDK contains methods for updating these filters for all users.

For testing purposes, we created a set of handy SQL script that runs at the database level to update everyone’s filters.

We first configured the desired filters for a single user and then used the script below to update everyone’s filters.

Since we are directly writing to the database use the above only for testing and learning about Dynamics CRM.

Happy CRM’ing!

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