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How do I control how often and what data is synchronized between CRM and Outlook in Dynamics CRM 2011?


Your Personal Synchronization Options and CRM Outlook Filters control how often and what data is synchronized between CRM and Outlook (Email, Tasks, Appointments, etc.). From Outlook:

Click on File
Click on CRM
Click on Options

Set your personal synchronization options.

1. You can choose to update the Outlook contact company field with the parent account name.

2. In 2011 you can configure Outlook to multiple CRM organizations; however, only one organization can be synchronized with Outlook. This is where you indicate if this is the organization in which you wish to synchronize.

3. This is where you can schedule how often CRM items will synchronize to Outlook. Outlook Tasks and Outlook Calendar Appointments will synchronize with CRM immediately. However CRM Appointment Activities and CRM Tasks will be synchronized with Outlook every 1 minute as you indicated in your personal settings. To force the synch, you can manually synch by clicking on CRM > Synchronize with CRM

You can select which items you want to synchronize by drilling down on the Outlook Filters hyperlink:

Select your filters by selecting and Activating (Green Go Arrow) then click OK

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