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Duplicate records are being entered into the system during imports and manual entry.



This is the third segment of a three part series on avoiding duplicate records. Part 1 introduced you to duplicate detection in Dynamics CRM and when rules can be fired. Part 2 was focused on how to set up the rules. Part 3 is going to walk you through how to use duplicate detection jobs.

There are 2 steps that we will be reviewing in this article:

  1. Running a job
  2. Resolving duplicates from a job

Running a Job:

You can start with a list of records that you want to run a duplicate detection job against. Advanced Find is a great tool to use to pull your list. In our example I want to run a duplicate detection job against all “Open Leads” so I open up that view then I go to the More Actions menu, click on Detect Duplicates and then make a choice between ‘For Selected Records’ or ‘For All Records on all Pages’.

  1. Open up a view of records that you want to run duplicate detection.
  2. Click on the More Actions menu.
  3. Click on Detect Duplicates

Select “For All Records on all Pages’

The Check for Duplicates Dialog box appears where you need to Specify:

  1. The name of the duplicate-detection job.
  2. When you want the duplicate-detection job to start.
  3. You also can specify to run the job on a regular schedule.
  4. Whether you want notification sent to you and to other users when the background duplicate-detection job completes.

Click OK, or click Finish.

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