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In one of the recently released update rollups a new registry is now available for reducing the size of the asyncoperationbase and workflowlog tables.


Setting AsyncRemoveCompletedWorkflows to a value of dword 1 will cause all successfully completed workflows to be immediate deleted after they are run. This can be beneficial, but only to a very large crm implementation or an implementation where workflows are very heavily used.

    Another open that has been around for a while in reducing the size of this table is to set AsyncRemoveCompletedJobs a value of dword 1. This will cause only jobs that are not crm workflows to be removed from this table.

We recommend setting AsyncRemoveCompletedJobs but not AsyncRemoveCompletedWorkflows. If you are looking for help please consider PowerObjects in working with you for hosted XRM development – we are one of the leading providers of hosted Microsoft CRM and XRM hosting.

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