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Dynamics CRM 4 is a great tool and for the most part many out of the configurations are good. However, one of those out of the box configuration that should be changed in almost all implementations is the parental relationship between accounts, contacts, and leads and activities.


For example, when you change owner of an account or contact, the default behavior is that completed tasks, emails, complete phone calls will also change owner. This typically is not the desired outcome when we reassign an entity. Ideally we want ONLY the open tasks, emails, phone calls, etc to be reassigned.

This behavior can be changed with a couple very straight forward changes.

  1. Go to settings, customizations, and double click on the lead, account or contact.
  2. Go to the 1 to many relationships and sort by ‘Type of Behavior’ column. These are the relationship that need to be examined and probably redefine.
  3. The default behavior is to cascade all on assignment. This means when we change an owner of an account/contacts/leads all activities such as all phone calls and sent emails will change owner.
  4. We typically want to change this to: Cascade Active OR none OR user owned.
    Cascade Active – this means the owner of activities (in this case phone calls) only changes when the activities are still open.
    Cascade None – this means the owner of activities (in this case phone calls) will not change. This is not cascade down.
    Cascade User-Owned – this means the owner of activities (in this case phone calls) will only change if also owned by the same owner of the account/lead/contact

After changing the relationship behavior, simply save and publish.

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