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One of the questions that seems to always come up when speaking to Customers about Activities in Dynamics CRM is “How can I close Activities without having to open each one?”


The answer is in two parts:

  1. In a perfect world, CRM users will complete Activities as they are finished. Prior to completing the Activity, the CRM user will add notes to the Activity regarding any conversation that took place. That being said, the above situation is not always relevant, or may not describe your business process.
  2. Using a very simple Workflow, it is possible to close Activities without having to open them. (Up to 250 at a time!)

The example below is a workflow that was designed for completing Phone Call Activities. It is setup to run for anyone in the Organization, and will run only “On Demand”. (Only when a user specifies the records and chooses to run this workflow.)

**Quick Note: This workflow sets the Status to “Made”, other options are available (i.e. Canceled), this workflow will set all selected records to the same “Made” status.

After the workflow is published, it can be run manually from the “Activities” screen in the Workplace.

NOTE: Just a reminder that you will need to create a similar workflow for each Activity Type. (i.e. Tasks, Appointments..etc..) Happy CRMing!

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