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Today I’ll be writing about another small workflow utility our team has developed that I think is really handy. Sending reports via pdf is native sql server functionality, however, it currently requires a sql report services administrator to schedule the report and this is all done outside of crm.


Our team has developed a workflow extension that allows any user to schedule a sql server report to be sent via email. In addition, the user can pick the export type for the srs report.

Using this in a workflow is as easy as creating a new email message without sending.

Then picking the new workflow activity of Attach Report

The attach report workflow activity has a few configuration items including:

ReportName: This is the full path of the report in srs
Service URL: This is the internal only url for the report services
ReportParam: This is an optional area where we can pass in any number of parameters right from the workflow.
Email Message: This is the email message created in the previous step
ExportType: This is the type to export: pdf, xls, tif, etc

After adding the report, the last step is to change the status of the email message to pending send so crm will then send the email.

If all was configured ok, running a similar workflow should look like this:

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