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Out of the box system views are not configurable. This means that we can’t modify the search criteria and can’t delete these views. However, via a plug-in we can control whether or not the end user sees these views. This is done by writing a plug-in against the “Retrieve Multiple” message on the “Saved Query” entity. In just a couple dozen lines you can write this plug-in and compare the View Name to see if it is one of the views to remove.


In order to make this ‘configurable’, we have created such a plug-in that simply looks at the view name. Any view with the prefix of ‘To Be Removed’ is removed from the list of views.

For example, to hide the ‘Accounts: No Campaign Activities in Last 3 months’, rename this view and add prefix of ‘To Be Removed’

We looking at the list of views, this is then removed:



Interested in this – let us know.

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