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We had an interesting scenario the other day. A CRM 4.0 system that has been running fine for many months all of the sudden began to run slow on a specific workstation. The workstation had all the latest and greatest patches, tons of memory, IE 8, and windows 7.0. This was not a system wide or server issue, but clearly an issue with the specific workstations.


The Symptoms

Internet Explorer was running very sluggish when accessing the Dynamics CRM web site. Clicking from item to item sometimes took 3-10 seconds. All browser settings were correct and we had tried all the usually debugging methods: clearing the cache, rebooting, url is in trusted sites, etc, etc.

The Cause

After trying many things and getting close to just FDISK the workstation, we decided to try to turn off the AVG antivirus. This still did not help. However, in addition to disabling AVG also disabling its two Internet Explorer plugging did the trick.

Why is this strange?

This is very odd as we have other folks using the same version of AVG antivirus and accessing the same CRM system with no issues at all.

What to do now?

After doing a bit more research we are now recommending that if an antivirus has a url scanner, script scanner, (or some method of scanning web sites), the crm url should be added to a white list or bypass list.

This definitely appears to be the case McAfee and CRM 4.0

And now sporadically with AVG and CRM 4.0

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