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Recently I had a client inquire as to how one would insert a hyperlink into a CRM email template. While the Email Template creation area contains many useful tools, one it is lacking (via the GUI) is the ability to turn a web address into a hyperlink. If we type a web address into the template, the address will remain in plain text; the system will not automatically recognize this as a link. There also is not a clickable button on the toolbar to set text as a link. All hope is not lost however; we can use a keyboard shortcut to convert plain text into a hyperlink.


See my screenshot below. Notice how google.com is just plain text in the template.


To turn this into a hyperlink, I can simply highlight the word (or phrase) and then press CTRL + K to bring up the ‘Create Hyperlink’ window. This is the same keyboard shortcut that we use in Outlook to create a hyperlink!


Although the link may not appear to be a hyperlink (it will not be blue or underlined) in the template area, as soon as the template is used in the creation of the email activity, the link will turn to blue and underlined automatically.

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