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Right to the point…it is not uncommon; in fact it is actually VERY common, for me to participate in a conversation with a prospective customer that goes something like this:

Prospective Customer: “Show me how (insert something like pipeline or activity management or reporting, etc here) works in Dynamics CRM”

To which I respond: “Explain to me how you need it to work for YOUR process and then I will show you how we can make it work to match YOUR process using Dynamics CRM…oh, and embed that capability in Outlook to boot”.

You should see the reaction I get sometimes to this type of statement. Now, I admit that under certain circumstances someone might take it as a bit of a used car salesmen– “How much is it? – Well, how much you got?” kind of statement but the statement is sincere, honest and in the best interests of the prospective customer.

For a lot of reasons, many people are just pre-conditioned to want to evaluate and buy software on a feature and function type basis. “Show me how it does this and that and that”. But the truth is today you really don’t – and shouldn’t need to go down that path. There is no value in or to software itself without context. Your processes – your current ones as well as your known and unknown desired future processes – supported, enabled, made more efficient or effective, etc is what provides the value or return on investment that you should rightly be seeking when evaluating software.

Herein lies the secret sauce of Dynamics CRM…obviously I have a bias, but it is a bias that is well earned and well learned….when the important things are truly considered – more on these important things later – the Dynamics CRM platform, coupled with a capable and competent partner is an unmatched formula for real value from your investment in a solution to help achieve your business objectives.

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Joe CRM is a CRM superhero who runs on pure Microsoft Dynamics CRM adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe CRM’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics CRM and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.